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Running the TurtleBot Simulator

Description: This tutorials demonstrates how to start the TurtleBot simulator and drive the TurtleBot in simulation.

Keywords: simulation, TurtleBot

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Roslaunch the Simulation

To start the TurtleBot simulator, simply roslaunch the TurtleBot in to an empty world:

You will see a gazebo window appear with a TurtleBot loaded.


Command the TurtleBot

Let's command the TurtleBot to drive in a circle:

The above command publishes the twist command at a rate of 5Hz because the TurtleBot will timeout a velocity command if it does not receive a new command with in 0.6 seconds of the last command.

Alternatively you can use interactive markers to drive the TurtleBot by following this tutorial: turtlebot_interactive_markers/Tutorials/UsingTurtlebotInteractiveMarkers.

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