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Package Summary

this package is navigation staff for xbot.


This Stack include several packages together make robot could navigation. It takes information form Odometry and other sensors, output a velocity commands in form of Twist to send to a arbitrary robot(here is Xbot). there are some limited thing to do if you like adapting this stack on other arbitrary robots. The robot must be running ROS, having a tf transform tree in place, and publishing sensor data using the correct ROS Message types.

How to Run

    roslaunch machine Xbot_amcl.launch

    roslaunch machine robot_controller_single.launch

    roslaunch machine 3D_RVIZ.launch

    rosrun nav_staff init_pose_handle.py


here we adapted JPS(Jump point searching) algorithm to accelerate planner speed. additionally, we rewrite map server importing projection map into navigation system, also we use semantic mapping which let robot knew the coordinates of clear area and blocked area.

here is how we apply navigation_staff for our robot below


here is how we run our robot with face detect and speaker


here is the editable plan with JPS algorithm and path memory function for xbot


here is the smoother moving


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