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Package Summary

The DYN experimental pipe-less production plant uses a number of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV's) and production stations to produce colored plaster. It currently builds on a centralized control structure where each acting agent follows instructions from the central PC (sometimes via a PLC), using both wired and wireless local networks. There is no intelligence embedded into the agents and the setup is hence entirely dependent on accurate feedback from the outside structure.

This package is concerned with the software framework of the plant designed for ROS and thereby a RViz GUI can be launched at first to employ a distributed control structure for more efficient operation of the plant.

This project also aims at a modular connection of AGVs with the help of Raspberry Pi's, PLC data and localization of AGVs with respect to the scheduling

More information can be found at : http://www.projektgruppen.e-technik.tu-dortmund.de/cms/de/Projektgruppen/pg_detail/index.php?id=160&lg=1

Why? & What does it do?

Why a pipeless plant is required? Pipeless plants are used due to its high fexibility level.In these type of plants, AGVs are used to transport the vessel from one processing station to another. Thus, for each and every batch, the AGV transport the vessel to various stations to create an end product, making the pipeless plant multi-product and multipurpose chemical production.

What does it do? This project provides all the software support for operating the pipeless plant on a ROS framework with a collision free mechanism. After installing the packages, you will bbe able to launch a GUI in Ubuntu and the user can start the plant using the launch file. The robots are attached with a fudicial code on the top.At any point of time, user will be able to track the robots using the continuous feed on camera.

Previous project reports

Attachment here contains the project report from the previous groups who worked on Automation & optimization of the pipeless plant.

Development of Local Positioning in Pipeless plant.pdf

Advanced AGV Drive Control in a Pipeless Plant.pdf


Code & GUI


Standard Operating Procedures

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