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ROS-Industrial Fuerte

The page includes instructions for installing the ROS-Industrial Fuerte stacks on a PC and various robot controllers.


All of the following ROS Industrial software must be installed on the ROS PC:

  1. ROS "Desktop Full" Install
    • The instructions for installing ROS can be found here

  2. The following additional stacks may be required, depending on required functionality. See the install pages for installing each individual stack.

ROS-Industrial Stacks

The ROS industrial stacks enable communication with an industrial robot and various other industrial hardware. There are two options for installation: binary packages and build-from-source.

Binary Package Installation (Recommended)

Binary package installation is recommended for most users. This installation can be performed from the command line using apt-get.

Source Installation (Recommended for Developers)

Installation from source is only recommended for those who want the latest (unstable) functionality or those who want to modify the ROS-Industrial packages.

Source Repository Layout

The ROS-Industrial subversion repository is organized according to the ROS repository conventions:

/tags/                         (static code snapshots)
          .../<stack>-X.Y.Z    (versioned release.  Never changes)
          .../<ros_release>    (latest version for specified ROS release)

/branches/                     (dev. related to specific ROS releases)
      .../<ros_release>           - may include bugFixes
                                  - API should be stable

/trunk or devel                         (latest code, but possibly unstable API)


The source code repos can be found at the following

Download source code

When installing from source, you must first decide which version to download:

Compile ROS-Industrial Stacks

  1. Add the location of the downloaded files to the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH system variable for rosmake stacks and setup an appropriate

  2. Run "rosmake" or in each stack directory of interest (i.e. industrial_core). The source should build with no errors.

Robot Controller Install

In addition to ROS PC installs, there is configuration and software installation required on most robot robot controllers. See the vendor specific stack tutorials for more information:

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