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If you are not currently using git for your packages, you need to convert them to git before you can use GitHub.

Code Migration

During this process you will need to map svn usernames to github emails.

To do so please refer to the SVNUsrtoGitHubEmailMap.

Subversion (svn) to Git

Please use the github recommended migration tool here: https://help.github.com/articles/importing-from-subversion

Mercurial (hg) to Git

This blog post is currently the best option we have found: http://christoph.ruegg.name/blog/2011/7/30/cleaning-up-after-migrating-from-hg-to-git.html

Git to Git

Just push to the new repo (GitHub will give you the commands when you create the new empty repo)

If you have another suggestion please add it here.

Trac Migration

To migrate the trac instance you will need access to the trac database. To get access to a snapshot of the repo please email ros-release@code.ros.org.

Trac Tickets to GitHub Issues

There is a useful script to help move tickets from trac to GitHub https://github.com/tfoote/github-migrate-trac-tickets

Trac Wiki into Github

If you have content in your trac wiki you can import it using these instructions

ROS Wiki Updates

Please change update the wiki pages for your packages. There is a GitHubIssues macro for linking to GitHub issues to replace the TracLink Macro.

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