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Erle-Copter Ubuntu Core special edition (discontinued)


ROS Software Maintainer: Erle Robotics


Erle-Copter Ubuntu Core special edition is a Linux-based drone that uses the award winning APM:Copter autopilot software and ROS as the SDK for robot application development. It’s capable of the different flight modes and ideal for outdoor operations. It has been designed for an extended flight time and it can carry a takeoff weight of about 2 kilograms.

Erle-Copter Ubuntu Core special edition is powered by Erle-brain Linux autopilot which includes ROS and communicates with the flight software using the mavros ROS package.


ROS Indigo comes preinstalled in the Erle-Brain 2, the flight computer contained in Erle-Copter Ubuntu Core special edition.

ROS Packages


This section explains how to use ROS/Gazebo simulator to simulate Erle-Copter. The main characteristics of the simulation are:

In order to begin it is required to arm. Some of the available features provided are:

Erle-copter simulation

More info: Erle Robotics official documentation






PXFmini Autopilot shield

Erle Robotics maintains a Documentation that mean to instruct how to use their technology.

A video series about how to code autonomous behaviors for drones with this technology is available at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL39WpgKDjDfVfiNVG47DBi93wsh2XHKVO.

Getting Help

Post in our forum at http://forum.erlerobotics.com/.


The Ubuntu Core special edition is not longer available, instead Erle-Copter is available through the Erle Robotics store.

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