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Aubo Robotics



AUBO Robot ROS stack: aubo_robot

ROS Software Maintainer: liug@aubo-robotics.cn

System Requirements: ubuntu14.04 32bit , ubuntu 16.04 64bit


Aubo robotics I-Series are high-quality and low-cost industrial robots.
Developed based on fully modulized design.The robotics can be configured 4 to 7 degrees of freedom to meet specific requirements.
I-series robots adopt open source software architecture,which is convenient for users and developers to inregrate existing software and algorithms.Compared with the industral robots with similar features and payloads,I-series robots features compact mechanical design,light weight,high accuray,and easy installation and programming.

More information can be found on the website:



See the Tutorials page for an overview of the available tutorials.


If you would like to contribute(Questions related,Suggest a Feature)to the ROS software for Aubo Robot, please contact < liug@aubo-robotics.cn< zhaoyu@aubo-robotics.cn>.

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Use GitHub to report bugs or submit feature requests. [View active issues]


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