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sroscore is a simple wrapper around the original roscore command. It simply check that all necessary SROS Environment Variables exists and if not are then set with secure defaults. In addition to any parameters accepted by the roscore command, it may also take some optional arguments to override existing SROS Environment Variables.

NOTE: If you use sroslaunch, it will automatically start sroscore if it detects that it is not already running.


In addition to an arguments supported by the original roscore executable, sroscore has a few optional arguments that are SROS specific and can be used to override SROS Environment Variables.


Simple override of SROS_KEYSTORE_PATH for roscore.


Simple override of SROS_KEYSERVER_VERIFY for roscore.


Simple override of SROS_POLICY_CONFIG for roscore.


Simple override of SROS_POLICY_MODE for roscore.


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