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The AAAI LfD Demo depends on several PR2 packages. Please install the PR2 Desktop developer stacks, including PR2 simulator:

or refer to the instruction on Robots/PR2/diamondback.

Installation from source code

To use the AAAI LfD Demo, you will need the trunk of the AAAI LfD Demo Stack: aaai_lfd_demo and some additional packages such as simple_robot_control, SnapMapICP, ias_common, and ias_nav.

The following rosinstall file will get everything for you:

- svn: 
    local-name: aaai_lfd_demo
    uri: 'https://bosch-ros-pkg.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bosch-ros-pkg/trunk/stacks/aaai_lfd_demo'
- svn: 
    local-name: simple_robot_control
    uri: 'https://bosch-ros-pkg.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bosch-ros-pkg/branches/diamondback/stacks/bosch_manipulation_utils/simple_robot_control'
- svn: 
    local-name: SnapMapICP
    uri: 'https://svn.code.sf.net/p/tum-ros-pkg/code/highlevel/SnapMapICP'
- svn: 
    local-name: ias_nav
    uri: 'https://svn.code.sf.net/p/tum-ros-pkg/code/stacks/ias_nav'
- git: 
    local-name: ias_common
    uri: 'http://code.in.tum.de/git/ias-common.git'

Note: To use the rosinstall file, create a new directory (e.g. aaai), create a file named .rosinstall in this folder and paste the above text into it, go to the directory in a terminal and type

rosinstall . /opt/ros/diamondback
source ./setup.sh
rosmake aaai_lfd_demo

Please refer to the rosinstall page for more details.

Use the demo in simulation

To use the AAAI LfD Demo in simulation with the simulator Gazebo, you need to follow these steps:

Make sure that the environment variable ROBOT is set to "sim" (ROBOT=sim).

Launch the simulation world by typing in a new terminal:

roslaunch aaai_lfd_simulator simulation_world.launch

Launch the necessary nodes by typing in a new terminal:

roslaunch aaai_lfd_demo_launch aaai_lfd_simulation.launch 

Now you have to wait untill the torso of the PR2 is up in the highest position. This is done when a message like "[simple_torso-1] process has finished cleanly." appears in the terminal.

Run the openloop_object_manipulation node by typing in a new terminal:

rosrun openloop_object_manipulation manipulation_node.py 

Finally start the demo by typing in a new terminal:

roslaunch aaai_lfd_demo_launch aaai_lfd_executive.launch 

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