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  1. Description


This package will launch a Gazebo world with the AAAI LfD task environment and a PR2 in the simulation. The environment and a PR2 will be launched by using the following command:

roslaunch aaai_lfd_simulator simulation_world.launch

This launchfile sets two parameters which are necessary in the simulation to make the PR2 grasp and pick up items:

<param name="r_gripper_controller/gripper_action_node/stall_velocity_threshold" value="0.01" type="double"/>
<param name="l_gripper_controller/gripper_action_node/stall_velocity_threshold" value="0.01" type="double"/>

Furthermore it contains a node to move the torso of the PR2 up to the necessary position for the task. This node can be launched by using the following instruction:

roslaunch aaai_lfd_simulator torso_up.launch

note: this node will be launched automatically when following the instructions for using the aaai_lfd_demo in simulation.

2020-09-12 12:28