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The asr_cyberglove_lib package is used to start a server that provides the current joint state values received from the Cybergloves via ROS topics.


Needed packages

This package depends on the following packages:

Needed hardware

The following hardware components are needed:


Start system

After ensuring that the Cybergloves are turned on, the asr_cyberglove_lib server can be started directly from the PC to which the hardware is connected:

roslaunch asr_cyberglove_lib glove_lib.launch

Instead of using the preconfigured .launch-file, the server can also be started via rosrun, e.g. with:

rosrun asr_cyberglove_lib gloveServer_node -r --calibration-file-right $(find asr_cyberglove_lib)/cfg/GloveCalibrationRight.cal --tty-right /dev/ttyD2 -d 0

Alternatively, the server can also be started from remote if the hardware is connected to another Lab-PC. The following command will also use a preconfigured .launch-file:

rosrun asr_cyberglove_lib glove_lib_remote.sh

Start system from remote using different ROS distributions

If the hardware is connected to a ROS Indigo Lab-PC and it is needed to start the asr_cyberglove_lib server from a remote ROS Kinetic Lab-PC, some workarounds / dirty hacks are needed. For the following, it is assumed that both ROS systems use the same file system and that the corresponding catkin workspaces are ~/indigo_ws and ~/kinetic_ws.

Open the terminal and source Kinetic (if not already sourced via ~/.bashrc):

Additional ssh environment setups are needed (https://github.com/sigproc/qbo_sigproc/wiki/Detailed-environment-setup):

A ssh connection can now be established, but the ~/.bashrc needs to be modified to be able to start the server on ROS Indigo:

The asr_cyberglove_lib server can now be started from remote:

To listen to the publishing ROS-Topic in a new terminal, ROS Kinetic has to be sourced again (or modify the ~/.bashrc again before opening the new terminal):

Alternatively, the glove movements can also be visualized with the asr_cyberglove_visualization package (Kinetic needs to be sourced again):

ROS Nodes

Published Topics

The sensor data of the Cybergloves are published as asr_msgs::AsrGlove messages to the following topics:


As mentioned in subsection 2.3, the asr_cyberglove_lib server can be started directly via rosrun without using the preconfigured .launch-file. For this case, it is needed to specify the rosrun arguments. The following arguments can be passed:

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