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Proposer: Jack O'Quin


Documents to be reviewed


CameraInfoManager class

The API review for this package in this release was held on 2010-05-20.

Instructions for doing a doc review

See DocReviewProcess for more instructions

  1. Does the documentation define the Users of your Package, i.e. for the expected usages of your Stack, which APIs will users engage with?
  2. Are all of these APIs documented?
  3. Do relevant usages have associated tutorials? (you can ignore this if a Stack-level tutorial covers the relevant usage), and are the indexed in the right places?
  4. If there are hardware dependencies of the Package, are these documented?
  5. Is it clear to an outside user what the roadmap is for the Package?
  6. Is it clear to an outside user what the stability is for the Package?
  7. Are concepts introduced by the Package well illustrated?
  8. Is the research related to the Package referenced properly? i.e. can users easily get to relevant papers?
  9. Are any mathematical formulas in the Package not covered by papers properly documented?

Concerns / issues

(Eric) While the API is pretty straightforward, I think we should have a short tutorial showing basic usage - just enough to see how a driver might use a camera_info_manager. Perhaps just putting the camera_info_manager relevant source of camera1394 with more verbose explanations would be sufficient?

(Tully) The API docs look good. Are there any issues with file permissions or access for reading or writing. These could be put on the troubleshooting page.

(Bill) To cut down on confusion, it may be helpful to explicitly note that it is a support class and not a separate node.

(Kurt) Are the formats (Videre .ini and yaml) documented anywhere?

Meeting agenda

The review meeting will be held on-line via IRC using #meeting.ros.org at freenode.net on 2010-05-26 at 3:00PM Central Time (1:00PM Pacific Time).


Actions agreed to during the meeting:

This review is now complete.

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