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A simple Cartesian trajectory controller that uses the new Cartesian trajectory definition.


This controller shall get you started with executing Cartesian trajectories on your robot. It implements a simple action server for FollowCartesianTrajectory. There are currently two ways of execution, depending on the interface provided by the robot.

The table below highlights possible applications.

Hardware interface

Primary application


You want spline interpolation in ROS but the OEMs driver to take care of inverse kinematics (IK). This variant requires the new Cartesian interfaces.


You want spline interpolation in ROS and implement your own IK solver. The provided example uses the established Weighted Levenberg-Marquardt solver form KDL. This variant is compatible with current ROS-control so that you need not change your RobotHW abstraction.

Further information

For further information, especially how to integrate this into a RobotHW interface, see the Documentation on GitHub

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