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Experimentation Days Tutorials

Setup your pc

First of all you need to install Ubuntu and the ROS environment on your pc.

  1. Installing Software

    This tutorial show you how to install the software on your pc.

ROS Tutorials

If you don't know ROS you better get first an overview about ROS and what it is. In order to have some experience using ROS , we recommend that you do some basic examples from the ROS Tutorial web page. The most important Tutorials are in the beginner level, also you can do the short questionnaire of this page.

If you want know more about ROS and it's environment you can visit http://wiki/.

Care-O-bot Simulator Environment

In preparation to the experimentation days, you should know how the software tools work together. You learn how to simulate the Care-O-bot and later to control it.

  1. Care-O-bot Environment

    This tutorial show you how to run the simulation of the Care-O-bot on your pc.

  2. Run Scenario Script

    You learn how to launch the Care-O-bot in Simulation an let them do some tasks.


Now it's time that you show us your learning status.

  1. Homework 1

    task: you have to generate a video to proof you can run the Care-O-bot simulation

  2. Homework 2

    task: modify the script file to order the Care-O-bot grasping the "jodsalz" object

Need Help?

If you need help for the experimentation days regarding installation or running the tutorials, please subscribe and use the care-o-bot mailinglist.

Experimentation Days Tasks

Here you can find the detailed tasks for the practical experimentation days.

  1. Day 1

    First step with the real Care-O-bot and test your homework on the robot

  2. Day 2

    robot technology day, learn how a real robot move this base

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