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Event data

Preparation and tutorials

Please find the installation instructions, tutorials and homework for the experimentation days on the tutorial site.


Day 1 (Wednesday November 30)

8:30 AM Registration

09:00 Welcome (introduction and safety instructions)

09:30 Getting to know Care-O-bot

12:30 Lunch break with lab tour

13:30 Running your homework on the real robot and modify it

17:45 Wrap up and summary of the day

18:00 End of day 1, time to check in to your accomodation

19:30 Dinner, get to know researchers and students of Fraunhofer IPA

Day 2 (Thursday December 1)

09:00 Exploring service robot technologies on the robot

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Exploring service robot technologies on the robot

17:00 Future posibilities for you at IPA (Internship, Bachelor/Master/Diploma Thesis, student jobs, cooperations)

18:00 End of Experimentation Days

2023-10-28 12:30