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Package Summary

The crossing_detector package recognize frontiers from a LaserScan


  1. Overview
  2. Usage


The crossing_detector package implements a method to recognize a crossing, i.e. a place from where the robot can take clearly distinctive paths. It is part of the Large Maps Framework (LaMa).

The computation is based on a costmap such as those provided by the local_map package, a sensor_msgs/LaserScan message, or a lama_msgs/PlaceProfile message. It is meant to be used in the form of a class instance but two nodes are provided that compute a lama_msgs/Crossing from a lama_msgs/PlaceProfile or a sensor_msgs/LaserScan, respectively, as a service.

The crossing center and radius are computed, as well as the frontiers, i.e. a free space through which the robot can go.

crossing center and radius



Packages lj_costmap and lj_laser use the functionalities provided by the crossing_detector package and can be used as example.

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