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Indigo Maintenance Status

The ROS buildfarm keeps track of which packages (and repositories) are released and generates status_pages accordingly. It allows, for example, to compare the repositories released in every active ROS distribution.

To ease the release process for maintainers the buildfarm now generates a status page to show all repositories from the previous ROS distribution and see which ones can be released and / or are blocking the release of other repositories.

Historically the Maintenance page allowed to track the progress of the release of the the metapackages repository (the one containing ros_desktop_full package).

Several labels have been introduced to make it easier for maintainers to know which repositories can('t) be released and their impact on downstream repositories. For example the label="UNBLOCKED_BLOCKING" shows the list of all repositories that can be released and preventing other repositories from being released.

Additionally this page can be used to check the status of a single repository using the id tag. For example the repository "robot_model" can be monitored using id="robot_model"

2022-11-26 12:41