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Package location has been changed to: https://github.com/daenny/collvoid

For Indigo and catkin:

Use latest update in repo mentioned above.

For Fuerte use tag fuerte-last.

For Groovy use tag groovy-catkinized

Note: AMCL patch is still required for the messsages!

This package requires patching AMCL (obligatory) and Stage (optional). The AMCL patch is necessary to publish a Weighted Point Cloud needed for the calculation.

Get the necessary packages:

git clone https://github.com/ros-planning/navigation.git -b indigo-devel
git clone https://github.com/daenny/collvoid.git

patch AMCL:

roscd collvoid/..
mv amcl.patch ../navigation
roscd navigation/..
patch -p1 < amcl.patch

and Stage (optional not tested under indigo):

roscd collvoid
mv stage.patch ../stage
roscd stage
patch -p0 < stage.patch

Compile the necessary packages:


Create a test environment and run:

roscd collvoid_stage
./scripts/create.py -n 4 -s 1.7
roslaunch collvoid_stage sim_created.launch

The create script has the following parameters:

-n <num of robots>
-s <radius of circle>
-l (use ground truth instead of AMCL)
-o (use omnidirectional robots instead of differential drive)

You can control the simulation in the controller window. Send initial guess will send an initial guess to every robot (necessary only if AMCL is used). Start will start the simulation. Reset will reset stage to the initial configuration (works only with patched stage).



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