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PR2 Dremel PR2 Dremel


First, install the following prerequisites on the desktop from which you will start the PR2 Dremel application:

  sudo apt-get install ros-electric-desktop ros-electric-pr2-mechanism ros-electric-pr2-arm-navigation ros-electric-pr2-common-actions ros-electric-bosch-manipulation-utils

To use the PR2 Dremel, you will need the trunk of the pr2_dremel stack. The following rosinstall file will get everything for you:

- svn: 
    local-name: pr2_dremel
    uri: 'http://svn.code.sf.net/p/bosch-ros-pkg-e/code/trunk/stacks/pr2_dremel/'

Note: To use the rosinstall file, create a new directory (e.g. pr2_dremel), create a file named pr2_dremel.rosinstall in this folder and paste the above text into it, go to the directory in a terminal and type

rosinstall . pr2_dremel /opt/ros/electric
source ./setup.sh
rosmake pr2_dremel_gui

Please refer to the rosinstall page for more details.



roslaunch pr2_dremel_server initialize_pose.launch

will move the robot an initial pose and prompt you to insert the Dremel into the robot's gripper. The initial pose marks the center of the working area, so place the material that you want to dremel into under the gripper and align it with the robot's base.

When inserting the gripper, make sure the Dremel depth guide is parallel to the work surface and 2-3cm above it.

In order to improve the calibration you can launch the pr2 mannequin mode and read out the gripper orientation:

roslaunch pr2_mannequin_mode pr2_mannequin_mode.launch

rosrun tf tf_echo torso_lift_link  r_gripper_tool_frame

Align the Dremel depth guide with working surface and read out the orientation quaternions and the z component of the translation. Copy it into the config/calibration.yaml file.

Running the Application

On the PR2 launch

roslaunch pr2_dremel_server pr2_dremel_server.launch

On a desktop run (after exporting the ROS_MASTER_URI to your robot)

rosrun pr2_dremel_gui pr2_dremel_gui

Video Demonstration

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