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List of Tools and Their Uses


  1. Create Origin: Provides a 3D point to tools which use them (only Linear Move currently). Either specify a static 3D point or waits for user to right click on a pointcloud in RViz and select Broadcast Point.

  2. Freeze Frame: Makes a static frame out of a frame that is currently moving.

  3. Detect Face: Detects a face and creates a frame out of it.


  1. State Machine: Allows nesting other state machines into the current one.

  2. Sleep: Inserts a state that pauses execution for a specified number of seconds.

  3. Trigger: Inserts a state that waits for the trigger sent by it's Sent Trigger button.


  1. Tuck: Folds and unfolds the arm for navigation.

  2. Position Priority: Moves the tip of the arm in a straight line between two points. Aggressive about maintaining a certain position.

  3. Velocity Priority: Moves the tip of the arm through a sequence of given points. Aggressive about the timing of when each point is played.

  4. Safe Move: Moves the arm to a specified set of joint angles but uses motion planning to avoid obstacles. TODO: not yet working.

  5. Joint Sequence: Moves the arm through a set of key frames.

  6. Gripper: Opens and closes the gripper.

  7. Gripper Event: Wraps around another node and listens for an acceleration or tactile signal preempting the internal node as receiving its signal.

  8. Spine: Moves the PR2's spine up and down.

  1. Navigate: Uses the navigational stack to move the robot to a specified point in the map. Note that the navstack must be running and the robot must be localized.


  1. Speak: text-to-speech, allows the PR2 to speak.

  2. Move Head: allows movement of the PR2 head in a trajectory.

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