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The rovio stack contains ROS packages and nodes that can be used to communicate with a WowWee Rovio. Video streaming is made possible by utilizing the gscam package from the brown-ros-pkg repository. Joystick teleoperation is provided in the rovio_ctrl package from the 'rovio_teleop' node. Additionally, included in the rovio_av package is a selection of .wav files that have been converted to 8000 Hz 16 bit PCM (the native format for the Rovio). These files are conversions from Willow Garage's Robot Sound Libraries.



To install the rovio stack, you can choose to either install from source, or from the Ubuntu package:


To install from source, execute the following:

Ubuntu Package

To install the Ubuntu package, execute the following:


Each control package contains a .launch file which should be edited with the appropriate ROS parameters (e.g. hostname, username, and password to login to your Rovio). These launch files launch the necessary nodes for reading sensor information and control of the Rovio. Additional information on each launch file is given in their respective package wiki pages.


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact me at any point with questions and comments.



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