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What is this package for?

This is a ROS node for SF30 rangefinders*

(*it is probably compatible with other models: SF02, SF10, SF11 - not tested!)

Setting up the device

The node assume the following setup for the laser (I used the Lightware terminal from the manufacture):

   1: Active data port           USB distance in m
   2: Resolution                 0.03 m
   3: Serial port update rate    1000 / sec  (actual = 1665 / sec)
   4: Serial port baud rate      115200
   5: Analog port update rate    1 / sec  (actual = 1 / sec)
   6: Analog maximum range       256 m
   7: Alarm activation distance  17.50 m
   8: Alarm latch                Off
   9: USB port update rate       50 / sec  (actual = 50 / sec)

Before you leave the terminal, make sure the sensor is sending messages of the form (hit space to make it happen):

0.57 m
0.57 m
0.59 m
0.57 m
0.59 m
0.59 m
0.55 m
0.59 m
0.57 m
0.57 m
0.57 m

To install the package

Create a catkin workspace. For instructions on how to create the workspace go here. Download and compile the package:

git clone git@bitbucket.org:castacks/sf30_node.git
cd ..

To run the node

In a terminal run:

source devel/setup.bash
roslaunch sf30_node sf30.launch

The message of type sensor_msgs::LaserScan will be published in topic /sf30/range at 50Hz. The intensities field on this message means data confidence. It is 1 if we can trust the given range.

2024-07-13 14:38