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This package provides ROS implentation of the tinySLAM (https://openslam.org/tinyslam.html) that is one of the most simpliest and lightweight SLAM methods. Current implementation is compatible with ROS Jade and adds some improvements to the original method:

Hardware Requirements

Current implementation supposes that the robot provides odometry data and laser scan measurements from the horizontally mounted fixed laser scanner. These data should be provided through the ROS topics (see Subscribed topics).


Use the provided launch-file to run and configure tinySLAM node:

roslaunch tinyslam_ros tinyslam_run.launch path:=[path to dataset]

Dataset should be in BAG format (http://wiki.ros.org/rosbag). You also may comment out rosbag node in the launch file if you use the real-time data or replace it with some other dataset player.



The tiny_slam node takes insensor_msgs/LaserScan messages and odometry data from /tf topic and builds a map (nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid) that can be retrieved via the ROStopic /map.

Subscribed Topics

Published Topics


Required tf Transforms

Provided tf Transforms

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