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  1. Installation

    Installation instructions from iso, deb or sources.

  2. Post-Installation Setup

    Customised configuration for your robot setup.

  3. Workstation Installation

    Installing the software for your monitoring workstation pc.

  4. Network Configuration

    Get turtlebot and your workstation chatting to each other.

Getting Started


  1. TurtleBot Bringup

    How to start the TurtleBot software.

  2. TurtleBot Care and Feeding

    This tutorials explains how to charge and maintain your TurtleBot.

  3. 3D Visualisation

    Visualising 3d and camera data from the kinect/asus.


  1. Keyboard Teleop

    Keyboard teleoperation of a turtlebot.

  2. Joystick Teleop

    Joystick teleoperation of a turtlebot.

  3. Interactive Markers Teleop

    A tutorial describing how to use rviz interactive markers for controlling the TurtleBot.


  1. TurtleBot Odometry and Gyro Calibration

    /!\ Only necessary if you have a Create base which is using an external gyro. This will show you how to calibrate or test the calibration of a TurtleBot which is highly recommended when running any navigation based application.

Advanced Usage

  1. SLAM Map Building with TurtleBot

    How to generate a map using gmapping

  2. Autonomous Navigation of a Known Map with TurtleBot

    This tutorial describes how to use the TurtleBot with a previously known map.

Something Funny

  1. The TurtleBot Follower Demo

    This describes how to run the TurtleBot Follower Demo on your TurtleBot.

  2. The TurtleBot Panorama Demo

    This describes how to run the TurtleBot Panorama Demo on your TurtleBot.

Interesting Software

  1. The TurtleBot Panorama Demo

    This describes how to run the TurtleBot Panorama Demo on your TurtleBot.

App Platform

Before getting started on this section, you may wish to investigate the information and tutorials in rocon_app_platform.

  1. The Turtlebot App Manager

    Getting to know the new app manager - pairing and concert modes.

  2. Turtlebot-Android Pairing

    Pairing your android with turtlebot applications.

  3. Building Existing Android Apps

    Installation and build instructions for existing TurtleBot Android applications.

  4. Create a Robot App

    How to create and install a robot application (rapp) for pairing or concert modes.

  5. Create an Android App

    How to create an android app for robot-android pairing.

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