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sroskeyserver is a simple keyserver that can be used in SROS to generate and distribute PKI elements for nodes to use in their own keystores. It checks necessary SROS Environment Variables by default. In addition the sroskeyserver command may also take some optional arguments to override existing SROS Environment Variables.

NOTE: Before using sroscore or sroslaunch with uninitialized keystores, you may first start the keyserver to setup and distribute the necessary PKI elements.


sroskeyserver has a few optional arguments that are SROS specific and can be used to override SROS Environment Variables.


Simple override of SROS_KEYSTORE_PATH for keyserver.


Simple override of SROS_KEYSERVER_VERIFY for keyserver. The keyserver uses this so it knows how to connect to itself to check its server functions are online.


Similar in purpose to SROS_KEYSERVER_VERIFY, however instead of setting the TLS server verification requirements for the node to connect to a keyserver, this sets TLS client verification requirements for the keyserver to accepts a connection from a node. By default this is set to CERT_OPTIONAL to allow for bootstrapping on uninitialized nodes, but can be changed here to be more stringent.


Simple override of the default keyserver configuration file, e.g. SROS_CONFIG_DIR/keyserver_config.yaml.


This overrides use of default sroskeyserver port, that being one port bellow the default port for ROS_MASTER_URI, e.g. 11311-1=11310.


Prints version information


Prints help information

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