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The asr_cyberglove_visualization package is used to test and visualize the functionalities of the asr_cyberglove_lib and asr_flock_of_birds packages. It uses an URDF model of a human hand to provide a visualization of the movement data from the gloves and the magnet tracking system (Flock of Birds) in RViz.



Needed packages

This package depends on the following packages:

Needed hardware

To use im combination with asr_cyberglove_lib and asr_flock_of_birds the following hardware components are needed:

Start system

Starting the servers

The main function of the package is to visualize the data received from the hardware sensors of the Cybergloves and/or "Flock of Birds". Therefore, the nodes of the corresponding packages asr_cyberglove_lib and/or asr_flock_of_birds should be started first. To start the servers directly from the PC to which the hardware is connected, use:

roslaunch asr_cyberglove_lib glove_lib.launch

roslaunch asr_flock_of_birds flock_of_birds.launch

Alternatively, the servers can also be started from remote if the hardware is connected to another Lab-PC:

rosrun asr_cyberglove_lib glove_lib_remote.sh

rosrun asr_flock_of_birds flock_of_birds_remote.sh

Starting the visualization

After the asr_cyberglove_lib and/or the asr_flock_of_birds server(s) is/are started, the visualization in RViz can be launched with the help of .launch-files:

Configuring RViz

RViz has to be configured to show/add the RobotModel. The RViz configuration files located in /asr_cyberglove_visualization/rviz can be used when launching to provide an ideal view of the model and its movements in RViz. They are included in the launch files.

ROS Nodes

Subscribed Topics

The sensor data of the Cybergloves is received as asr_msgs::AsrGlove messages published by the asr_cyberglove_lib server. The topics to listen to are:

The pose data of the Flock of Birds trackers is received as asr_msgs::AsrObject messages published by the asr_flock_of_birds server. The topic to listen to is:

Published Topics

The current Cyberglove state data is published to the model as sensor_msgs::JointState messages. They are published to the following topic:

The Flock of Birds data is published using a tf::TransformBroadcaster.

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