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This is a Eddiebot (Eddie + Turtlebot) package for Parallax Inc. Eddie robot platform that uses Turtlebot API designs. The reason of the package is because both Eddie platform and Turtlebot platform shows common physical similarity. Therefore, it is good to reuse existing Turtlebot APIs and thus save time for your platform migration to eddiebot.


  1. Install propeller tool at http://www.parallax.com/tabid/832/Default.aspx (recommended using Windows platform for installation)

  2. Update our custom firmware to Eddie propeller board at $git clone https://github.com/robotictang/eddiebot_firmware.git, Upload the compiled firmware to propeller board using propeller tool.

  3. Install ROS software (recommended ROS fuerte version with Ubuntu 12.04LTS) at http://wiki/ROS/Installation, please select Ubuntu platform.

  4. Use ros-fuerte-desktop-full packages at the installation page (recommended)
  5. After ROS installation, $git clone https://github.com/robotictang/eddiebot.git

  6. After checkout, $rosmake eddiebot

Running eddiebot

  1. Make sure the connected USB to Propeller board generated a device file named /dev/ttyUSB0.

  2. $roslaunch eddiebot minimal.launch

  3. $roslaunch eddiebot kinect.launch (optional)

Warranty Statements

Use this software at your own risk.

Report a Bug

Please email with the address (tang.tiong.yew at monash dot edu)

Feel free to join develop this package at:


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