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Only released in EOL distros:  

hrl-haptic-manip: hrl_common_code_darpa_m3 | hrl_fabric_based_tactile_sensor | hrl_haptic_manipulation_in_clutter_msgs | hrl_haptic_manipulation_in_clutter_srvs | hrl_haptic_mpc | hrl_meka_skin_sensor_darpa_m3 | hrl_motion_planners_darpa_m3 | hrl_software_simulation_darpa_m3 | m3skin_calibration | m3skin_ros | m3skin_rviz_demo | m3skin_viz

Package Summary

The hrl_haptic_manipulation stack collects the code developed by the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech for performing Model Predictive Control with whole-arm tactile sensing. The controller attempts to move the end-effector toward a given goal subject to constraints on the force of contact, as reported by the tactile sensor. Currently supports simulation and real robots, as well as multiple tactile sensors.


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2023-10-28 12:38