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Only released in EOL distros:  

hrl_behaviors: hrl_behavior_manager | hrl_clickable_behaviors | hrl_clickable_world | hrl_move_floor_detect | hrl_table_detect | pr2_approach_table | pr2_collision_monitor | pr2_grasp_behaviors

Package Summary

Quick overhead grasping for the PR2. Objects are percieved using the tabletop_object_detector package and grasped from above using interpolated IK, modified to keep the elbows up. Collisions are detected by monitoring joint errors using thresholds learned by sampling different "empty grasps".

Using the Grasper

roslaunch pr2_grasp_behaviors overhead_grasping_server_trained.launch
rosrun pr2_grasp_behaviors test_grasp_action.py r reg_test

2023-10-28 12:53