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What does re_object_detector_gui do?

re_object_detector_gui aims to be a simple front end for downloading object models from the RoboEarth database and to feed these into different object detection algorithms.

See the tutorial roboearth_stack/Tutorials/Using recorded models for object detection for a step-by-step approach.

It is written specifically for detecting models created with the re_object_recorder. It allows to use either the re_vision or re_kinect_object_detector object detection service.

Subscribed Topics

/camera/rgb/image_color (sensor_msgs/Image)

/re_kinect/detection_results (re_kinect_object_detector/DetectionResult)

Published Topics

/re_vslam/new_model (std_msgs/String)

/re_kinect/model_path (std_msgs/String)

2024-06-15 13:00