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This page contains a list of notes for things to try if you get stuck or get an error. This information is largely found on the internet so if you don't see you issue here try searching for ROS+(your issue) in google

Tab completion

If you get and error about .gvfs try running this command:

sudo umount /home/$USER/.gvfs
sudo rm -rf .gvfs/

Nodes not communicating

Visualize the tree with this command:


To understand the command structure: http://wiki.ros.org/yocs_cmd_vel_mux

Network Communication issues

Try ping first:


For more help use this link: ROS/NetworkSetup

If your using a virtual machine check your virtual machine settings. It also helps to disconnect and re-connect the interface inside the virtual machine if you've recently made changes (such as connecting to the wireless network) on the host side.

Platform shuts down

Pull the faultlog. In most cases you'll have 30 seconds before the platform turns off. If you don't have sufficient time to pull the fault log contact Stanley Innovation for an alternative method.

cd segway_ws
rosrun segway_ros segway_faultlog_parser

Review the Reading the Faultlog

2021-01-02 12:27