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ROS Software Maintainer: Stanley Innovation

These instructions are intended for robots purchased from Stanley Innovation as V3 systems. We offer two flavors:

Quick Start Instructions - Navigatorâ„¢ Systems

Click on the picture to get driving around if you purchased a V3 system and it came with an on-board computer.



One Pre-configured Computer - Local

One User Supplied Computer & One Preconfigured

User Supplied Computer Setup Instructions

Click on the picture that best describes your intended use case for setup / install instructions to get ROS setup on your computer(s).




One Computer - Local

One Computer - Remote

Two Computers

Platform Firmware Update

To utilize the RMPv3 software you will need to have the most up to date firmware for your platform. Directions for firmware update can be found here:Firmware Update

What's next

Ok, so you've got ROS running and you've driven the platform around. Great!

Interested in viewing and manipulating sensor data from your platform? Click here!

How about some advanced features? We have a number of demos that showcase more of what ROS can do, see SI Demos for some instructions.

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