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Note: This stack is designed for robots purchased before June 2014. For new robots, see the robotican stack.

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Package Description

This package handle the communication and control of the komodo arm. The package uses the dynamixel_motor stack (see http://wiki/dynamixel_motor for details on sending commads to the motors and using the arm joint controllers) to setup the communication with the arm motors and to implement the arm joint controllers. The package also publishes sensor_msgs/JointState messages according to the readings from the joint controllers. This conversion is done by the states_converter.py node.

Package Configuratoin

Package configuration files are:

\launch\komodo_arm.launch - The first part of this launch file initiate the communication with the robot arm (see “port_name” parameter for port configuration). The second part initiate the arm joint controllers and assign each joint its name. The last part run the state_converter.py node. This file can be launched from the main launch file (komodo_launch.launch).

\config\arm.yaml - This file contains configuration details for each joint controller. User can set joint speed, limit, max torque and more. It is important to know that this settings are sent to the motors upon launching the launch file and will not remain after the arm will be power down. This is important because if the initial values of parameters such as joint speed are high and if the user will reboot the arm power and will not re-launch the launch file, all commands will be performed with the initial parameters. (see http://wiki/dynamixel_motor for details on configuring the controllers).

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