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Note: This stack is designed for robots purchased before June 2014. For new robots, see the robotican stack.

Package Description

This package monitor the voltages of the three robot batteries. The batteries_monitor node reads the batteries voltages messages published by the komodo_sensors and komodo_rover packages. It also reads the robot arm battery voltage from the arm controllers (dynamixel_msgs/MotorState). The node sends an error message if one of the batteries dropped below its minimum voltage. The node will also initiate a 30 seconds countdown before powering off the computer when its battery drops its minimum voltage. The node publish the batteries voltages with their corresponding time of reading in one message into the /batteries_monitor topic.

Package Configuratoin

Package configuration files are:

\launch\batteries_monitor_launch.launch - This launch file runs the batteries_monitor node. Users can specify the batteries minimum voltage limits. This file can be launched from the main launch file (komodo_launch.launch).

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