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Software Requirements

Make sure that you have the cob_simulation stack installed on your system.

Starting a simulated Care-O-bot in gazebo using an environment provided by IPA

The launch files for starting the simulation depend on two environment variables ROBOT and ROBOT_ENV, you can find a detailed explanation of their usage on the main Care-O-bot site.

export ROBOT=cob4-2
export ROBOT_ENV=ipa-apartment
roslaunch cob_bringup_sim robot.launch

Population the world with objects

After you started the gazebo simulation environment you can add objects from cob_gazebo_objects to the simulation. Their names and positions for a specific environment are defined in cob_default_env_config. To add objects you can use

roslaunch cob_default_env_config upload_object_locations.launch
rosrun cob_bringup_sim spawn_object.py OBJECT_NAME1 OBJECT_NAME2 OBJECT_NAME3 ...


rosrun cob_bringup_sim spawn_object.py all

There are pre-defined positions for the objects depending on the environment they get spawned. For more information about specifying positions, see cob_default_env_config.

You can remove objects with

rosrun cob_bringup_sim remove_object.py OBJECT_NAME1 OBJECT_NAME2 OBJECT_NAME3 ...


rosrun cob_bringup_sim remove_object.py all

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