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New in Hydro This stack is deprecated and has been replaced with the meta-package gazebo_ros_pkgs in ROS Hydro.


  1. Overview


Users are highly discouraged from using the outdated documentation and tutorials for Gazebo on ros.org. Gazebo is now a stand alone project at gazebosim.org. See documentation there, thanks!


This stack contains plugins and tools for integrating ROS with the Gazebo 3D rigid body simulator for robots.

Prior to ROS Fuerte, this stack contained the actual source for the Gazebo simulator, but it now only provides ROS interfaces. In Groovy and Fuerte, the core simulator code is pulled in and wrapped inside the gazebo package. In the future (Hydro), Gazebo will be a system dependency that stands alone outside of ROS.

For simulating the complete PR2 robot in Groovy and earlier, please see the PR2 simulator stack.

For historical documentation, see the history of this wiki page before 5/23/2013.

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