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This is part of the Robotics in Concert project.

The Concert


The concert is a multimaster framework running on top of the interactions, appable robot and gateway components that tries enable a centralised workspace on the network (usually LAN) from which to co-ordinate and manage a group of robots, devices involved in some kind of scenario. This can be used standalone, or it can be further developed as a useful bridge to the cloud1. Some features:

More detailed concept notes can be found if you go walkabout from our Terminology page on the rocon wiki.

The Concert


Quick Demos

  1. Chatter Concert

    An example concert demonstration, talker-listener style.

  2. Chatter Concert - Distributed

    Distributing chatter concert on multiple machines

  3. Chatter Concert - Wireless

    Wireless handling of distributed chatter concerts

  4. Turtle Concert

    An example concert demonstration, turtlesim style.

  5. Turtle Teleop Concert

    The concert teleop service with simulated turtles.

Create Your own Solution

  1. Create Your Own Solution

    how to create your own solution

  2. Bring up a Concert

    how to start the concert

  3. Customise Service Configurations

    how to create your own solution

  4. Enable Web Interactions

    how to access and interact with concert via web

  5. Advanced Solution Customisation

    describes what arguments concert provides

Make Your Robot To Join Concert

  1. Concert Client Preparation

    what to install and todo for concert mode preparation

  2. Create Concert Mode Launcher

    how to prepare your robot to use in your concert

  3. Join Concert as a Client

    describes how to join a concert as a client

  4. Teleop a robot via Concert

    describes how to capture a robot and teleop via concert

Create Your own Service

  1. Create Your Own Service

    how to create your own service

Gazebo Concert

  1. Concert Service Gazebo Overview

    Describes design flow of concert service gazebo

  2. How to add a new robot type

    How to add a new robot type to use in concert service gazebo

  3. How to spawn robots in concert gazebo

    how to spawn robots in concert gazebo

  1. Putting the concert on a pc that resides on the ethernet backbone to gather and process incoming/outgoings can be alot more practical than pushing everything from every wirelessly connected robot to the cloud. (1)

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