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ROS Diamondback


Diamondback was released on March 2, 2011 and is the third ROS distribution release. It contains over forty new stacks, including support for the Kinect, contributed stacks from growing ROS community, and a stable release of Point Cloud Library. Diamondback has been designed to be smaller, lighter, and more configurable than ROS C Turtle.


Please see the installation instructions.

Stack contributors: debian build status


ROS Diamondback is primarily targeted at the Ubuntu Lucid through Maverick releases, though it can also be installed on various Linux systems like Red Hat, Debian, and Gentoo. It can also be used on OSes like Mac OS X and FreeBSD, though with more limited compatibility.


Diamondback provides over over 120 ROS stacks. To help you install these stacks more easily, we provide many different variants that organize them by use case and capability. The complete list of common variants is described in REP 108: Diamondback Variants. The main entrypoints for ROS users are:


Our focus for ROS Diamondback was making ROS smaller and more lightweight to install. We also worked on making ROS more useful with 3D sensors like the Kinect.

ROS refactored

PCL 0.10


Smaller debs, incremental updates

GUI vs. non-GUI

Other major improvements

Eigen 3

Improved OpenCV integration

New contributed stacks release system

camera1394 now with nodelets, LGPL

Topic tools for nodelets

"Bond" nodes together

rosjava updated

sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 support in Navigation

rosh, a new Python-based shell environment for ROS

New Contributed Stacks

Release Notes for Stable Stacks

The major changes for the stable stacks in the ROS Diamondback release are summarized below.

Related: PR2 Diamondback Release Notes

ros 1.4, ros_comm 1.4, rx 1.4, documentation 1.4

Most of the work for this release is described in REP 100, which separated the ROS stack into separate stacks for the build system (ros), communication system (ros_comm), GUI tools (rx), and documentation system (rosdoc).

camera_drivers 1.4

Camera drivers are now maintained by Jack O'Quin

Change list

common 1.4

The new bond package lets have two processes monitor each other for termination.

Change list

common_msgs 1.4

Change list

diagnostics and diagnostics_monitors 1.4

diagnostics has now been separated into diagnostics and diagnostics_monitors stacks in order to separate out GUI dependencies.

Change list

executive_smach 1.0, executive_smach_visualization 1.0

New 1.0 stack

executive_smach is a task execution/orchestration library with ROS. It comes with executive_smach_visualization, which includes tools for visualizing the state machines as they execute.

Change list

geometry 1.4

Change list

image_common 1.4

image_common was updated to be compatible with the sensor_msgs/CameraInfo message updates specified in REP 104. It is now also home to camera_info_manager, which used to be part of camera_drivers.

Change list

image_pipeline 1.4

Change list

image_transport_plugins 1.4

Change list

joystick_drivers 1.4

New maintainer: Melonee Wise

Wii compatibility has been improved, including better support for the WiiMote Classic. joystick_remapper has been moved to ua-ros-pkg.

Change list

Change list

physics_ode 1.4

Change list

robot_model 1.4

This release only contains minor changes relative to the 1.2 release. The most important change is the removal of deprecated elements of the urdf specification.

Change list

visualization, visualization_common 1.4

rviz 1.4 contains a new Image display, which enables viewing images without a CameraInfo. It also adds a new "Axis" point cloud transformer, which is useful for visualizing 3D data by range.

visualization_msgs is now part of common_msgs. This enables libraries to publish visualization markers without creating Ogre installation dependencies.

Change list

vision_opencv 1.4

New and improved C++ interface for cv_bridge.

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