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Mini-Lab tutorials

== QUICK Overview == Welcome to the Mini-Lab tutorial platform. Here you will learn how to work, teach and innovate with our dedicated robot Mini-Lab.

There are too ways to use our robot efficiently:

For each part you will find some examples of uses cases

Quick reminder: The Mini-Lab is a medium sized robot that offers the best trade-off between robustness and price. It is suitable for research as a test-bed for the development of indoor applications.

Feel free to create new use cases and features for the Mini-Lab !

The Mini-Lab supports fully ROS packages and naming conventions.

For more information about the robot or for quotation, please visit http://enovarobotics.com

Source : https://github.com/Enova-Robotics/Mini-Lab

Mini-Lab installation

In the link below, you will find the guide to install all required packages for your workstation.

Mini-Lab simulation examples

Mini-Lab robot examples

Contact us

For question about the software email us at: support@enovarobotics.com

For more information about the product please visit our website : https://enovarobotics.com

Or email us directly at contact@enovarobotics.com

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